The Weight of Photography

The Weight of Photography
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  • 9789054877042
  • 27 mei 2010
In The Weight of Photography eminent scholars explore the nature of photographic representation....meer
Productinformatie "The Weight of Photography"
In The Weight of Photography eminent scholars explore the nature of photographic representation. Philosophy and theory of photography leads them to pose the classic questions: what are photography’s characteristics? How can one interpret it? What is its value? How does it function and within which system? How is meaning produced? And the most fundamental question of all: what is photography? The Weight of Photography explores the suggestive but problematic relation between our experience of photography, video and ? lm – time-based mediums par excellence – and our perception of the visual world. An essential collection of contemporary thought, The Weight of Photography provides a strong introduction to newcomers and a point of reference to those already engaged in discussions about photography, art, history, education, culture and criticism.
Druk: 1
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Pagina's: 763
Uitgever: Academic & Scientific publishers
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