Street Art

the graffiti revolution

Street Art
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  • 9781854378750
  • 29 mei 2019
'Street Art': art made in public spaces including graffiti, stickers, poster art,...meer
Productinformatie "Street Art"
'Street Art': art made in public spaces including graffiti, stickers, poster art, stencil art and 'wheat-pasting', but not corporate-sponsored advertising or "publicart"- has become one of the most popular and hotly discussed areas of art practice on the contemporary scene. Developing out of the graffiti writing tradition of the 1980s, through the work of artists such as Banksy and Futura 2000, it has now reached the mainstream, the subject of bestselling books and commanding high prices at auction.

First published in hardback in 2008, this is the first account of the development of street art as a global phenomenon within the context of the history of art. This book defines street art as a genre related to, but distinct from graffiti writing, tracing its history from cave painting through to the Paris walls photographed by Brassai in the 1920s and on to the often witty, sophisticated imagery found on city streets today. The book will feature new and exclusive interviews with key figures associated with street art of the last thirty-five years, including Henry Chalfant, Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Jenny Holzer, Blek Le Rat, Goldie, Mode 2, Barry McGee (Twist), Shepard Fairy (Obey), Futura 2000, Malcolm McLaren, Miss Van and Os Gemeos.
Druk: 1
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Pagina's: 160
Auteurs: Cedar Lewisohn
Uitgever: Tate Publishing
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