IT Auditing

IT Auditing
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  • 9789039525692
  • 25 oktober 2008
This textbook on IT auditing (EDP auditing) is intended for professionals and students in IT...meer
Productinformatie "IT Auditing"
This textbook on IT auditing (EDP auditing) is intended for professionals and students in IT auditing and accountancy. It provides a consistent introduction to all topics with which an IT auditor is confronted in practice. It also refers of course to the major standards and criteria adopted in international professional practice.

The first part of the book provides a general introduction to the background of IT auditing and places the subject in a broader context.

The second part focuses on IT auditing in practice and contains chapters on IT projects and programmes, processes and information systems, ERP systems, IT
service management, information security, securing the IT infrastructure, IT auditing and fi nancial auditing and IT governance.

In each chapter a large number of practical cases and examples provide a clear explanation of the theory. In addition, each chapter contains practically oriented questions and assignments, with which the subject matter treated can be digested. The book is also ideally suited for self-tuition.

All members of the editorial team and authors are or have been employed by KPMG IT Advisory, The Netherlands.
Druk: 1
Bindwijze: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Pagina's: 335
Auteurs: R. Fijneman
Uitgever: Academic service
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